Magpie Murders: A Novel by Anthony Horowitz (E-Book)

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Pages: 449

ISBN no.: 978 1 4091 5839 4

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Publisher: The Orion Publishing Group Ltd


“Magpie Murders” by Anthony Horowitz is a gripping mystery novel featuring the manuscript of a murder story within its pages. Susan Ryeland, an editor, becomes engrossed in the manuscript’s whodunit plot, only to discover inconsistencies and the author’s untimely death. As she investigates, she uncovers a complex web of secrets, drawing connections between the real world and the fictional one. The book skillfully blends classic detective fiction with a modern-day mystery, keeping readers guessing until the final page.


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“Magpie Murders” is a mystery novel written by British author Anthony Horowitz. The book is a unique blend of classic whodunit and a modern mystery. It is essentially a story within a story.

The main plot revolves around a renowned and successful mystery writer named Alan Conway, who writes a series of popular detective novels featuring a detective named Atticus Pünd. In “Magpie Murders,” Conway’s latest manuscript, also titled “Magpie Murders,” is at the center of the narrative. It’s a manuscript that holds the final installment in the Atticus Pünd series.

The book begins with Susan Ryeland, an editor at a publishing house, receiving the manuscript of “Magpie Murders” from Alan Conway. As she starts to read the manuscript, she becomes engrossed in the story of a murder that takes place in a quaint English village. The story within the manuscript follows Atticus Pünd as he investigates the murder of a woman named Mary Blakiston, a wealthy and unpopular resident of the village. The narrative of the manuscript mirrors the classic Golden Age detective fiction with multiple suspects and hidden secrets.

However, as Susan delves deeper into the manuscript, she notices some peculiarities and inconsistencies. Before she can confront the author about these discrepancies, she discovers that Alan Conway has died, apparently committing suicide. Struggling to believe that her favorite author would take his own life, Susan becomes convinced that there is more to the story.

As Susan starts to investigate the circumstances surrounding Conway’s death, she begins to unravel a complex web of secrets and connections, drawing parallels between the real world and the fictional one presented in the manuscript. The mystery deepens as she uncovers surprising links between the characters in the manuscript and real people in Conway’s life. Susan realizes that the answers to both the fictional and real murders might be intertwined.

“Magpie Murders” is a masterful and intricate puzzle that weaves together two gripping mysteries and keeps the readers guessing until the very end. It pays homage to the classic whodunit while adding a contemporary and inventive twist to the genre.


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