Getting Better ☺

“Upgrading the Armor Stronger with Love and Respect”


Switching its domain to Vidhyarthi Hub is making a large scale improvements to its store, user data, social connectivity, faster loads, easy access to all topics.

Having understood what capabilities Vidhyarthi Hub can posses now the Vidhyarthi Team is making more attractive store interface, by adding wish list and comparing multiple products at the same time. Now it has become easy for one to locate what products they will be needing. The rumors’ also say that the Vidhyarthis are adding more novels and is creating the first platform to make a customizable course book ordering store, in collaboration with its partner publication houses.

Users at our website must feel secured to order from a growing platform like us. Hence, we have focused over minimizing the data breaches to level zero. Users can create account at our website as we have upgraded our database systems, and switched to safer servers that could be used. With such features been added we can tell you all that we are able to achieve 100% security at SSL certification meaning the site is fully safe for any user to use. With this there are reduced amount of spam emails and bot users at our website.

Known that we are humans and we need to socialize we have added features that will help you share the contents that you find interesting to your friends and family members. One may contact us anytime through the built-in Facebook Messenger application anonymously/with a guest ID or with their Facebook profile. Individuals are able to share their reviews over the product directly and share their thoughts over our products making others aware about what we have offered.










Other features like fast loads, faster response, commenting at posts, etc., are some that must not be forgotten about.

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